May 5th: Vanier News

Principal/Vice Principal Message:

It’s hard to believe that we are now in the month of May. We hope that you have enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend. Our teachers and administration team had a engaging day of learning on Friday, May 3rd. Teachers participated in different workshops of their choice and the admin team learned about ‘building a resilient mindset’.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that children are getting to bed at a reasonable time in order to be prepared for a full day of learning at school. It is staying lighter later now, and students are reminded to turn off the technology and rest their bodies in order to have ‘fuel’ for the next day. Thank you parents, for you continued support.

The month of May will be a busy one at Vanier. Many classes are going on field trips and parents are reminded to check over the permission forms for each trip to make sure that children are prepared for the day (food, clothing). Please note that our school’s panorama picture will be taken on May 30th.

We are looking forward to another great week of learning!

Mrs. McBride and Mr. Newbold

Freshgrade: How is my child doing?

Parents are encouraged to go onto their child’s Freshgrade portfolio to see evidence of learning. Parents are also encouraged to write a comment on the portfolio and to talk to their child about what they are doing in the classroom. Parents are invited to talk with the classroom teacher at any time about their child’s learning.

Friends of the Forest Program

As a part of Surrey’s  “Friends of the Forest” program, Vanier’s grade 6/7 students are participating in a project to remove invasive species from our community park – Hazelnut Meadows.
These 4 pictures show:
1) Himalayan blackberry plants as they dominate the indigenous species (before work)
2) Cleared ground that is ready for replanting (after work)
3) Division 1 students busy at work removing and bagging the footballs and branches of the target plant

Thank you to our older students for taking care of our environment. You are demonstrating great leadership skills.

April 28th

Principal/Vice-Principal Message

It is with mixed feelings that we have recently learned that Mr. Newbold will be leaving the Georges Vanier family at the end of this school year and will become the Vice Principal of T.E. Scott Elementary.  We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity we have had to work and learn with Mr. Newbold and we wish him continued success at his new school. Our entire school community will miss you, Mr. Newbold! We will cherish the memories and friendships that have been formed together during your four years at Georges Vanier. Thank you for all the hard work you have done every day to help make our school a special place to learn.

We will be welcoming Mrs. Carin Porcellato as our new Vice Principal in September. Mrs. Porcellato is joining us from Bear Creek Elementary and she is thrilled to be starting her administrative career at our school. Over the next few weeks, Mrs. Procellato hopes to meet the students at Vanier and we know that she will be welcomed into our amazing community.

Mrs. Lianne McBride and Mr. Brian Newbold

Class/Panorama Pictures

On Thursday May 2nd, there will be class pictures taking place in the morning. Before lunch, the school will gather outside for our annual panorama photo.

Non-Instructional Day

All families are reminded that Friday May 3rd is a non-instructional day. Students do not attend.

Badminton Team

Congratulations to our school’s badminton team who played wonderful games during the playday at Chimney Hill this past Thursday. The team placed 2nd!! Congratulations to all the players who represented our school with skill and solid sportsmanship. Thank you to Ms. Singh and to Mrs. Chang who supported and coached our athletes.

Pictures of the week

Enjoy the pictures of Earth Day (April 22nd), examples of beautiful art work from our Grade 6/7 students, examples of how the Zones of Regulation are being taught in a Grade 6/7 classroom, and an important learning message about learning from a Grade 4 class: Reflect, solve, create, grow, and think.


Upcoming Dates

  • May 2nd: Class/Panorama picture day
  • May 3rd: Non-Instructional Day
  • May 7th: PAC meeting (8:45 am)

Vanier News: April 21st

Principal/Vice Principal Message

The students at Georges Vanier worked hard during this past four day week. We enjoyed our April assembly on Thursday and we would like to thank those parents who were able to join us. During our assembly we celebrated Vaisakhi together. Students from Division 21 then spoke about the “Tower Garden” that currently makes it’s home in their classroom. Mrs. Buckton also shared information about our buddy benches. Students were invited to share what they learned about the buddy benches with their parents at home.

Many parents wonder how they can help their child be ready for learning at school. One way is to encourage your child to develop healthy sleep routines. This includes getting to bed at a reasonable time, and turning off the technology at least half an hour before the lights go out for the night.  If your child will be absent from school, please call the office (596-1030) and leave a message with your child’s name, division, and a brief reason for the absence. Thank you families for your on-going support.

This coming week we will cheer on our badminton team at their play day at Chimney Hill Elementary on Thursday. We are hoping for good weather so that our running club can practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and so that our Ultimate team can play in their home game this week.

Please feel free to come into the office and say hello and offer your best wishes to our three amazing clerks (Mrs. Bhamra, Mrs. Rodriguez, and Mrs. Mara) on Secretary’s Day this coming Wednesday, April 24th. Thank you ladies for all of the amazing things you do for your school! We are so fortunate to have you.

Happy Easter! We hope that you enjoy a wonderful long weekend with your friends and family.

Mrs. Lianne McBride and Mr. Brian Newbold

Pictures of the week

Spring is in the air at Georges Vanier! Notice the wonderful eggs and the bunnies that were designed and created by two of our Kindergarten classes (Divisions 25 and 26). Happy Spring! Thank you to our Grade 6/7 students (Division 3) for your beautiful spring art display. Also included is our office who were staff ready to celebrate Vaisakhi at our assembly. 

Afterschool Clubhouse

If you ever walk down the hallway of Georges Vanier at 3:00 pm, you will find teams of kids enjoying different activities at the Afterschool Clubhouse. This week, amazing music was heard coming out of the multipurpose room, as the company, “Table Turners” taught the kids all the tricks and turns to be a DJ. Students learned how to create different beats, play with sounds, and create some amazing tunes under the direct supervision of trained professionals. We think we have some future DJ’s in our clubhouse! 

Upcoming Dates: 

May 2nd: Class/Panorama photos

May 3rd: Pro-D (students do not attend).









Vanier News: April 14th

Principal/Vice Principal Message:

It was a busy week at Georges Vanier. Students have been working hard as we have begun the third term of learning. Parents are encouraged to connect with the classroom teacher with any questions about your child’s learning. Students have been reminded to dress in appropriate clothes for April showers (boots, jacket, hood) as we will be going outside as often as possible at recess and at lunch. Thank you parents for your on-going support! 

Our running club got off to a great start! Parents are reminded to ensure that students have a safe way home when the running club ends at 3:00 pm. All parents are invited to come and run with the students! Our badminton team and our ultimate team have been working hard and we look forward to more games this week. 

On Thursday, April 17th, we invite all students and staff to dress in traditional attire as we acknowledge Vaiskakhi at our school-wide assembly at 9:30 am. We would like to wish our community a very happy Vaiskakhi!

School will be closed on Friday April 19th and Monday April 22nd for the Easter holiday.

Please continue to say hello if you see me outside or drop by the office. I enjoy connecting with all parents and feel so fortunate to be a part of the Georges Vanier community.

Mrs. Lianne McBride and Mr. Brian Newbold

Pictures of the Week: 

Grade 6 and 7 students in Division 1 (Mr. Abraham) displayed their learning this week for the staff and students at Vanier. Students created a ‘prototype’ based on their Genuis Hour projects. Students were able to explain why they chose to create the different protoypes and what they found challenging and/or surprising during the process. 



What’s happening at Georges Vanier: 

  • Running Club is continuing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:00 pm. Parents are welcome to run with the students.
  • Students are invited to dress in traditional attire on Thursday April 18th as we acknowledge Vaisakhi.
  • Fire drill is scheduled for Wednesday April 17th (morning).

Community Board: 

Please take a moment to visit our community bulletin board directly outside the office. Upcoming events and community gatherings are continually updated. This week, you will notice information about early learning opportunities for younger children and an invitation for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters to participate in Creators of Peace Circles. For more information on the Peace Circles, please contact 

Upcoming Dates: 

April 16th: Grade 7 evening open house at Frank Hurt

April 19, 22nd: School closed for the Easter holiday










Vanier News: April 7th 2019

Principal/Vice Principal Message

Welcome back to school! We hope that everyone enjoyed a relaxing Spring Break. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Lianne McBride and I am thrilled to be joining the Georges Vanier community as your new principal. I feel fortunate to be working along side Brian Newbold (Vice Principal) to complete your administration team. I have loved working in the Surrey School district as a teacher and as a Vice Principal for over twenty years. I feel like I have come a ‘full circle’ as twenty five years ago, I was a student teacher at this wonderful school. I am the proud mother of two children; Nolan (11) and Brady (8) and when I am not at Georges Vanier, I join my husband at the hockey rink or at the swimming pool to watch our boys in each sport. The picture below is of our two boys on the first day of school this past September.

During my first week at Georges Vanier, I felt very welcomed into the community. The students and staff seemed happy to back to school after Spring Break and are ready for rich learning as we begin the third term.

Please do not hesitate to come by and say ‘hello’ either outside or come by the office. I look forward to getting to know all the students and families that make up this wonderful community.

Mrs. Lianne McBride and Mr. Brian Newbold.


Mrs. McBride’s boys: Nolan and Brady







Pictures of the Week:

Division 9 and 10 enjoyed a fun filled day at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It was a beautiful day for learning together.  

Getting active at Georges Vanier! 

  • Congratulations to our Ultimate team who played their first home game of the season on our field this week. The weather cooperated and our students displayed wonderful sportsmanship against Woodward Hill Elementary.
  • Our badminton practices are in full swing 🙂 and the students are looking forward to the playday at Chimney Hill Elementary on April 25th.
  • Our school’s running club begins on Tuesday April 9th. Running club will be from 2:30 to 3:00 pm and parents are asked to ensure that your child has a safe way home at 3:00. Parents are welcome to come out and join the runners!

Upcoming Dates: Mark your calendar! 

  • April 8th: Curriculum Implementation Day (Pro-d). Students do not attend.
  • April 14th: Vaisakhi
  • April 19th: Good Friday: School Closed
  • April 22nd: Easter Monday: School Closed


Looking forward to a great week ahead!