Vanier News – December 1, 2012

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Assemblies are a time to come together, share, have fun, and learn. Sometimes we even have special visitors. At our last assembly on November 30th, we were fortunate to have a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) service dog and handler visit our school. “Tom” was expertly handled by Roger Edwards and showed off his incredible ability to sniff out illegal material crossing the border. Special thanks to Mrs. Engelman for helping arrange this special visit. Watch Tom do his work:

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FIT KIDS is a special program that runs on Fridays at Georges Vanier. This year, teacher Ron O’Neil is organizing the program with his student leaders. Senior students lead younger students through a challenging fitness circuit that emphasizes many skills including balance, reaction time, and strength.

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Writing isn’t simply correctly forming letters or spelling words properly. Effective writers communicate ideas clearly and create an emotion in the reader. Mrs. Chohan’s Grade 4/5 class has been working on improving their writing by using descriptive and powerful language. They recently completed an assignment called “The Most Important Thing…” Several samples are shared below:

The Most Important Thing About Bella is…

The most important thing about Bella is that she is lovely.

She has a strong mind because no one can break her spirit because when someone disagrees with her she doesn’t change her mind.

My sister is a speeding bullet because she wins races on our way to school in the morning.

My sister is so hilarious because when we play video games in my room she makes funny jokes.

My sister is really fun to play with because she has lots of imagination when we play games after school.

But, the most important thing about Bella is that she is lovely.

-Josh Z.

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing about my dad is that he’s fun.

He likes taking long walks to DQ with me, we always laugh about funny stuff and eat our blizzards while we walk home.

He loves to tell jokes, even if he knows some are pretty lame, he likes telling them anyway.

He’s pretty strong, probably not like Hercules, but he’s strong. I like it when he swings me by the arms.

When he comes home from work, the aroma around him smells like construction.

But the most important thing about my dad is that he is fun.

-Kiera B.

The Important Thing About My Grandma

The important thing about my Grandma is that she is loving.

When I am sick she pats me on the back or on the head. My Grandma takes care of me until I am feeling well.

When I hug her she is so warm and cozy.

My Grandma is so cuddly, just like a cloud, and I also feel like I am touching a pillow filled with feathers inside.

When she gets mad at me she doesn’t talk to me, I feel along and like nobody’s with me.

But the most important thing about my Grandma is that my Grandma is loving.

-Gurleen S.

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Study of MATTER
Division 15 has been learning the three states of matter, solids, liquids, and gases. Please enjoy the graffiti art the class created to conclude the unit on matter.


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Attendance DOES matter! We know that students who attend school every day and on time, do better in school. Research also tells us that absenteeism in the early years is an accurate predictor to dropping out of school later in life. In an effort to support students and families, our District is now into the second year of the Attendance Matters (A.M.) project. The purpose is to track attendance of our K-3 students and support families in getting their children to school. We are thankful to have Mr. Harman Dhaliwal working with us and our families. We also have a daily breakfast club that is free to families. Our breakfast club runs from 7:45 a.m. everyday and is an opportunity for students to have a bite to eat, meet with peers, and participate in literacy activities prior to starting the day. Questions? Come visit us at the school.

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Primary STARS
Congratulations to our Primary STARS for the month of NOVEMBER!

photo (12)Division 10: Harjot, Marisa, Pavrose
Division 11: Prisaha Rahul, Bhavjot
Division 12: Maygen Armaan Kanwar
Division 13: Dayton, Rhea, Tyrell
Division 14: Jaskirat, Sahil, Avreen, Matthew
Division 15: Aniyah, Sanya, Gurparsad, Markus
Division 16: Amena, Gurjap, Aerial
Division 17: Omohit, Kirandeep, Kiara
Division 18: Harvir, Chandnhi, Ashley
Division 19: Sara, Jovan, Mankiran
Division 20: Sireena, Gavin, Yusuf
Division 21: Rajdip, Ravleen, Amaar
Division 22: Yashnoor, Nolan, Sabeeka

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Congratulations Girls Volleyball team on your 2nd Place Finish.

Boys volleyball team celebrates their 3rd Place finish.

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At our assembly this Friday, our students learned that, incredibly, much of the world does not have access to clean water. Our leadership team has decided to take action. In conjunction with the penny going out of circulation in Canada, our leadership team is running a penny drive to raise money for clean water in Third World countries. You can help by sending any pennies you may have to school with your child. Every penny counts! Thank you for your support. Here’s the video we watched at our assembly:

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Check out this Slideshare which features some great illustrations and aspirations.
Divisions 10 to 18 created Showme videos which may be viewed at
  • If you are travelling on an extended vacation please be sure to return all library books before you go.
  • Students in Divisions 7, 8 and 9 are asked to bring in their permission forms for the ‘Natural Distasters Club’

Check out what’s been happening in the Learning Commons!

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Thank you parents for your generous support of the fundraisers we have done so far this year. You’ll recall that because of your hard work, we have a beautiful, brand-new, piece of playground equipment for our students to use. We raised over $1600 through our SaveAround coupon book fundraiser, $600 at our recent movie night, and $450 through our Dessertco fundraiser. Great job! Dessertco orders can be picked up after school on Monday, December 3, and your Poinsettia orders can be picked up after school on December 5.

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Report cards will be coming home on Tuesday, December 11. Parent teacher conferences take place on Thursday, December 13. On this day, there is an early dismissal at 1:27 PM. Please take this opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher. Please phone the office to make an appointment. 604-596-1030.
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Mrs. Scheller is working hard to prepare our students for the upcoming Christmas concerts. Concerts take place on Wednesday, December 19. There will be two shows: 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM. Information about purchasing tickets will come home shortly. General Admission tickets will sell for $2 while special $5 tickets will be sold that will be put you into a draw for upgraded FRONT ROW couch seating. Stay tuned!

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Students have been creating and marketing their own products. Now it’s time to sell. The PowerPlay show is taking place next Friday, December 7, from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Come visit us in the gym and get started on your Christmas shopping. Part proceeds of this event go to selected charities.


Young entrepreneurs show off their products at a recent assembly.

  • “I like power play because we are donating to charity and I love helping.” Simran K.
  • “I like power play because I get to draw.” Justin S.
  • “I like power play because it is fun and I get to learn how to make my own business and I get the money that I make.” Kye H.
  • “It makes me want to make a job.” Sahil M.
  • “I like it because it inspires me to start a business and to get well with money.” Hayley M.
  • “I like power play because you make stuff and sell it and make your own money. That’s why I like it.” Abdullah S.
  • “I like power play because it’s for a good cause.” Rohin C.
  • “Why I like it (power play) is because it’s pretty cool starting a first business.” Pritpal S.
  • “I like power play because it’s fun making products.” Puneet S.
  • “I like power play because I get to make and sell my own product.” Armina B.
  • “I like power play because it’s teaching us how to start a business and we are earning money.” Hayal M.
  • “I like it (power play) because you can have fun and do crafts.” Maegan H.
  • “It is fun!” Braxton B.
  • “I love power play because it helps me earn and be more responsible with money.” Aden B.
  • “I love power play because we get to make stuff and we donate money to charity.” Risham M.

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Parenting Tip of the Day: Remember what it’s like to be a kid

Remember the joy of a fresh pack of crayons, the great smell of Playdoh or the thrill and awkwardness of your first date? Do you remember what it felt like to be standing in that first dorm room or apartment with the full weight and excitement of adulthood resting on your shoulders?

Part of the joy of parenting is reliving the memories of your own childhood as your child creates their own. And, part of the responsibility of parenthood is remembering what it was like to be their age and revisit those feelings in order to better empathize and interact with your children.

At four, you could never move as fast as your parents wanted you to and you were sure you had seen that monster under the bed. At nine you were probably tired of being treated like a little kid but were unsure of how to navigate the world of a big kid.

Before you ask your teen the timeless question “What were you thinking?” Try to think back to what you were thinking when you pulled a similar stunt. Our past experiences aren’t meant to be used as a bat to club our kids over the head with “You’ll understand when you get older,” but as a tool to be used to approach our kid’s life issues with understanding.


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December 3-Dessertco order pick up at 2:30 p.m.
December 4-PAC Meeting at 9:00 a.m.
December 5-Poinsettia order pick up at 2:30 p.m.
December 11-Term 1 reports home
December 13-Early dismissal at 1:27 p.m. for parent-teacher conferences
December 14-PAC hot lunch
December 19-Winter concerts at 1 and 6:30 p.m.
December 21-Last day of school before holidays
January 7, 2013…Welcome back!

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  1. The most amazing newsletter ever!! It is such a pleasure to work at this school. The kids and what they are doing at Georges Vanier– amazing!

    • Thank you Andrea. It’s great to get this feedback. Newsletters in this form can’t really be called newsletters any more I suppose. It seems so much more alive, doesn’t it? 🙂

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