Vanier News – February 2, 2013

Parents, Students, and Staff,

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Previous poll questions and results:

  • Should standardized tests such as the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) be used to measure student learning? YES: 52% NO: 48%
  • Does the use of technology in classrooms improve student learning? YES: 87% NO: 13%
  • Do you think students are physically active enough? YES: 50% NO: 46% UNSURE: 4%
  • Should school uniforms be considered at Georges Vanier Elementary? YES: 57% NO: 43%
  • Does violence in video games promote violent behaviour in children? YES: 80% NO: 20%
  • Should security cameras be used at our school? YES: 83% NO: 17%

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Image: A. Vendramin

Image: A. Vendramin

Students often have troubles on their mind they don’t feel confident sharing with others. But students at Georges Vanier are continually reminded that if they see or know of something that is wrong, it is their responsibility to help and to report their concern. Last week, the VANIER NEWS shared information about the PSST website that allows for anonymous reporting. We want to give students and parents another outlet. Visit back here often and if you see something and you want to say something, you can do it here. Always remember that there are many people at the school who care and who you can talk to in person. But, if you feel that is not an option, report here. Scroll to the comments section below. Your report will be confidential.

Your SOLE purpose here should be to help others, not to get others in trouble.

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Students hear announcements every day at school. The purpose of these announcements is to share information regarding what’s happening that day as well as upcoming events. Morning announcements are also used to discuss important issues. So how can you “listen in”?

  • Sign up for a Twitter account and follow @georgesvanier36
  • Check this blog everyday and read the Twitter stream on the left
  • Text “follow @georgesvanier36” to 21212
  • Google #gvnews

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It’s true – we are ALL learners, including teachers. Children and education continue to change and teachers and school need to change as well. Teachers are encouraged to continue taking coursework and learning from their peers. When teachers do this, students benefit. This year, staff at Georges Vanier have the opportunity to visit other schools and learn from others. Click here to visit the first blog post from Mrs. Gray.

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My son Jake with our beloved dog, Floyd, before Floyd's passing in early 2000.

My son Jake with our beloved dog, Floyd, before Floyd’s passing in early 2000.

Losing a pet is never easy. The experience can be even more difficult for young children. Pets are like family members, so helping children understand the passing of a pet is an important job. Read more here…

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This week in the Learning Commons, primary students at Georges Vanier Elementary used Doodle Buddy, Balloon Stickies, and Pic Collage apps on the iPad to demonstrate their learning about the Rainforest. Enjoy the video!

3 Apps in 90 seconds from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Check out more Learning Commons News at:

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In addition to services provided at Georges Vanier by counsellor Lisa Jouzy, students in Surrey School District and their parents or guardians have access to a range of free family counselling services through a partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education.

SFU provides counsellors for the centre — qualified staff and graduate students conducting practicums — while the school district contributes the clinic facilities.
Counselling promotes the mental health of individuals and families and this often also addresses barriers to student learning.

Counselling services are available for a range of personal issues, including parenting, bereavement, depression, anxiety, bullying and sexual orientation.

The SFU Surrey Counselling Centre, which opened in 2009, is located at L.A. Matheson Secondary, 9484 122nd St. Call 604-587-7320 to make an appointment.

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February 5 – PAC Meeting at 9:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m.
February 8 – Professional Development Day – Classes not in session
February 11 – Family Day Holiday – Classes not in session
February 22 – School Science Fair
February 27 – Anti-Bully Day
March 18-28 – Spring Break – Classes not in session
March 29 – Good Friday – Classes not in session
April 1 – Easter Monday – Classes not in session
April 2 – Term 2 Reports Home
April 4 – Early Dismissal at 1:27 p.m.
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3 thoughts on “Vanier News – February 2, 2013

  1. Thank you so much for posting the article on how to manage the loss of a pet with your children. Although I was able to find some articles on my own, this was by far the best and I was able to pull a couple of pieces that I believe will be very helpful for us when it is time to let our children know the unfortunate news. I keep telling everybody I know that our school has the best staff, and this is just one of the examples I now get to share. I also wanted to say how much I loved Mrs. Gray’s blog post about her visit to Karen’s class. It was nice as a parent to get some insight to another school’s classroom and their activities. Looking forward to seeing what other teacher blogs wll be posted in the GV news!

  2. A few dates to add to upcoming events for the PAC are: Feb 14th – popcorn day; Feb 26th – Hot Lunch; March 7 – PAC Meeting…thanks!

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