We are ALL Learners – A Teacher’s Experience by Jodi Pulvers

DSC_2683The best thing that I have done for my teaching practice over the past 18 months was to join Twitter. On Twitter, I am able to connect with so many inspirational teachers from ALL over the world. Twitter is like sitting in the staffroom and sharing the BEST ideas and meaningful conversations on a daily basis. While the district has set specific professional development days, I feel that I am learning EVERY day with my PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter. We share ideas about projects, have meaningful conversations about best practice and even “vent” in private about the challenges we face in our classrooms.

I have been very fortunate to meet many of the members in my PLN in person and I jumped at the chance to spend the day in one of their classes last week. Michelle Hiebert (@MauiMickey) and I have been chatting about our classes on Twitter, over text and even in person. We have been trying to find a day where one of us is in session and the other isn’t so that we can visit…..well the stars lined up for me on Friday! Surrey had a Pro-D, but Abbotsford didn’t, so I drove the 35 minutes east on Highway 1 to spend the day at Prince Charles Elementary. Continue reading…

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