Vanier News – February 24, 2012

Parents, Students, and Staff,

Enjoy this week’s edition of the VANIER NEWS. This publication is meant to offer the opportunity for TWO-WAY communication. You will see at the bottom of each edition a COMMENTS section. Please share your ideas and thoughts.


DON’T FORGET our upcoming FAMILY PHOTO DAYS coming up on Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th. There are still appointments available and the sitting fee is only $10 and includes a 5″x7″ photo. All proceeds go towards student equipment and activities. Please give our office a call to register: 604-596-1030.


POLL QUESTION of the WEEK (held over from last week)

Previous poll questions and results:

  • Which grade model do you feel is best for student learning? K-5–6-8–9-12: 50% K-7–8-10–11-12: 30% K-12 all at one site: 20%
  • Does year-round schooling improve student learning? YES: 56% NO: 44%
  • Should standardized tests such as the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) be used to measure student learning? YES: 50% NO: 50%
  • Does the use of technology in classrooms improve student learning? YES: 87.5% NO: 12.5%
  • Do you think students are physically active enough? YES: 50% NO: 46% UNSURE: 4%
  • Should school uniforms be considered at Georges Vanier Elementary? YES: 57% NO: 43%
  • Does violence in video games promote violent behaviour in children? YES: 80% NO: 20%
  • Should security cameras be used at our school? YES: 83% NO: 17%

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“If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror…look a little closer…stare a little longer…because there is something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit!” – Shane Koyczan

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A successful basketball season recently concluded. Our girls team hosted their playday on Monday, February 18th, going 4-0 while going 4-1 during the regular season. Well done, girls! Our boys hosted their competitive playday two days later on February 20, finishing with a record of 1-2, and 3-2 during the regular season. Records aside, we are most impressed with their learning and progress this season, as well as the sportsmanship demonstrated.

Congratulations on a fabulous season!

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Our school Science Fair took place on Friday, February 22 from 8:45 to 11:45 am. Thank you to Surrey Principals Solomon Lee and Chris Baldry, as well as our own Mr. Dhaliwal, who assisted in judging our projects.

Judge Solomon Lee addresses Vanier scientists.

Judge Solomon Lee addresses Vanier scientists.

We are very proud of all of our participants and their thoughtful projects:
Cardboard and Tinfoil – Simran P.
Which food item forms mold faster? – Jyoti A. and Stephanie M.
Egg-cellent – Theresa H. and Blea Z.
Scared Pepper – Harshveer S. and Arshdeep D.
The Moon – Gurcharan K.
Hockey Sticks – Keshav N. and Harjas K.
Liquids and Fruits – Zaeema S. and Ria S.
Coke versus Water – Roshni U. and Sahar G.
Hairtastic – Ruqaiyah H. and Marianne E.
Why do volcanos erupt? – Surya S.
Effect of Video Games on heart rate – Jorawar D.
Wash it away – Rohin C.
How can you use a battery? – Akash U.
Hovercrafts – Keeton O.
Rocketships – Sahil K.
How to make crystals – Taniya K.
Effect of different chemicals on fabrics – Anmoal H.
Water Filtration – Desiree A. and Trisha M.
How batteries stay charged – Aryan C.
Can I make an egg float? – Hayden A.

Special congratulations to the following scientists who will be representing Georges Vanier at the District Fair at Central City Mall on March 6, 2013:
Energy Drinks – Akash A. and Harman S.
Bouncy Surfaces – Amanjot K. and Harveer D.
Filtration – Josh S.
Toothpaste – Rhea A.
Tasty Water – Kye H.

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Parents, as you work with your child, remember that communicating one’s thinking is an important part of problem-solving. Encourage your child to explain their thinking. You might ask questions such as:

  • Can you think about a time you were in a situation like this?
  • What do you know? What don’t you know?
  • What assumptions are you making?
  • What do you think that?

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PARENTING CORNER: Helicopter Parents/ Attachment Parents- One in the Same?

Just to set the record straight: attachment parenting will not turn you into a helicopter parent. (In fact, much of what attachment parenting stands for is the exact opposite of helicopter parenting.)

The “attachment” in attachment parenting might make you envision having a baby Velcro-ed to your chest for the first two years of your child’s life (Velcro, of course, is just a stand-in for a really cool baby carrier).

But don’t be fooled, that woman with the baby on her back is not a helicopter parent. Au contraire.

The physical contact recommended in attachment parenting, especially carrying your baby in a sling, breast feeding and co-sleeping, are all methods for developing a loving, secure relationship between you and your child. The aim is for your child to develop and grow with confidence.

Helicopter parenting stay close to their children but this creates children with poor self-esteem.

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If you ever wondered if the saying, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” was true or not, think again!

Talk to your children every day about how they treat others and about how others are treating them. Our kids need us!

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February 26 – PAC Hot Lunch
February 27 – Anti-Bully Day – Assembly at 1:30 pm
March 7 – PAC Meeting – 9:00 am
March 12 – Public Skating – Divisions 2, 13, and 14
March 12 – Vanier Choir to Choral Festival – Bell Centre – 12-2 pm
March 13 – Fine Arts Performance – Metaphor
March 15 – Spring Dances
March 18-28 – Spring Break – Classes not in session
March 29 – Good Friday – Classes not in session
April 1 – Easter Monday – Classes not in session
April 2 – Term 2 Reports Home
April 2 – Kindergarten Dental Screening
April 4 – Early Dismissal at 1:27 p.m.
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