We Are ALL Learners – A Teacher’s Experience by Andrea Cramer

Best Pro-D Ever!
Contributed by Andrea Cramer

ELL District Helping Teacher, Janice Lam with Cheryl

ELL District Helping Teacher, Janice Lam (L) with Cheryl Douglas (R).

The most inspirational and informative day I have spent in a classroom took place last week when I was visiting my friend Cheryl Douglas. Cheryl and I taught at Cougar Creek together over 10 years ago. We both taught Grade 5, but the difference was that Cheryl also managed to help run the school as our VP! She handled everything thrown at her with such ease, creativity and yes, inspiration!

After a working as a Principal in the Vancouver district, Cheryl has recently returned to teaching and she is working as a Resource Teacher in an inner city school in Vancouver. Her breadth of knowledge and experience is huge! I couldn’t spend enough time with her; I am always left with a feeling of wanting to learn more each time we are together. She has such a way of encouraging those around her to become better, more fulfilled, and more generous people. It is a very special gift she has, and I just cannot get enough of her spirit!

The goal of my day with Cheryl was to walk away with some new ideas and inspiration for my program at Georges Vanier. I love my LST position and I definitely feel inspired and challenged by the fantastic teachers that I work with teaching Grades 6 and 7. I am so lucky to work with a team of reflective practitioners but I would like to offer something new and useful to complement their programs– and especially to help my LST students grow and learn even more.

Cheryl definitely left me with new and interesting ideas. In fact, I found that I was kept awake at night thinking or dreaming of my new ideas all night for the rest of the week! I would get up in the morning feeling so inadequate–but ready to kickstart my program and help my students in new ways. Unexpectedly, it felt fantastic! Click here to read the rest of this blog post.

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