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Previous poll questions and results:

  • Students: Do you feel safe at school? Parents: Do you feel your children are safe at school? Staff: Do you feel students are safe at school? YES: 88% NO: 12%
  • Do you think incidents of bullying have increased? YES: 53% NO: 47%
  • Do you believe student learning is negatively affected by a summer break of 2 months? YES: 52% NO: 48%
  • Which grade model do you feel is best for student learning? K-5–6-8–9-12: 50% K-7–8-10–11-12: 30% K-12 all at one site: 20%
  • Does year-round schooling improve student learning? YES: 55% NO: 45%
  • Should standardized tests such as the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) be used to measure student learning? YES: 50% NO: 50%
  • Does the use of technology in classrooms improve student learning? YES: 87.5% NO: 12.5%
  • Do you think students are physically active enough? YES: 50% NO: 46% UNSURE: 4%
  • Should school uniforms be considered at Georges Vanier Elementary? YES: 57% NO: 43%
  • Does violence in video games promote violent behaviour in children? YES: 80% NO: 20%
  • Should security cameras be used at our school? YES: 83% NO: 17%

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COAST CAPITAL SAVINGS – A Valued Community Member

Denny Nunn (L) and Angela Walls (R) with Sundeep Chohan and Antonio Vendramin

Denny Nunn (L) and Angela Walls (R) with Sundeep Chohan and Antonio Vendramin

We want to offer thanks for the many volunteers who help us provide the most supportive learning environments for students at Georges Vanier Elementary. One such group is our friends at Coast Capital Savings. Not only do employees volunteer their time weekly to read with our early learners, but Coast Capital Savings offers generous financial support for some of our families in need.

Angela Walls shares, “It is our pleasure to read to the children. We get much more out of it than I am sure the children realize. All the staff at the Newton Branch location are happy to help support the school families, we hope our small contributions make a difference in the lives of the children.”

This is truly a case of a village raising a child. Thank you Coast Capital Savings for your ongoing support of Georges Vanier Elementary!
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In the Learning Commns we have been exploring map skills and learning about timelines. Students used Timeline Generator to document six life events. Taking a screen shot, they used the Timeline as a background for a Tellagami App video. Students each created an avatar and had 30 seconds to describe one of their timeline events. After using these tools for the first time, students watched these videos and discussed what they might do differently next time.

The Circus has come to the Georges Vanier Learning Commons. Students are enjoying the Reading Tent to share their favourite stories. Here’s a Rocking Pete the Cat.

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Mark you calendars…Come join your community at the VANIER CARNIVAL on Saturday, June 8th, from 2-6 p.m. Enjoy games, food, rides, silent auction, and a cake walk. Stay tuned as planning for this event continues. We are currently looking for community members willing to donate goods and/or services for the silent auction, and of course cakes for the cake walk. If you are able to assist in any other way, please let us know at the office.
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hangingbasketsBack by popular demand, we will again doing a hanging basket and plant sale. You will recall that year that the quality of the plants was very high and the sale was a great fundraiser for our PAC. Important dates coming up:

April 23 – Order forms sent home with students
April 30 – Orders Due
May 9 – Order Pick up at 2:00 p.m.

Thank you in advance for your support!
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“True justice is paying only once for each mistake. True injustice is paying more than once for each mistake.”
-Don Miguel Ruiz

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PARENTING CORNER: 10 Reasons to Educate Elementary Students about Social Media
Author: Deborah McCallum

Photo: A. Vendramin

Photo: A. Vendramin

It is always interesting to me, to find out that more and more of our younger students are becoming involved with the Internet and Social Media.

Due to their developmental age, most students have some kind of difficulty with self-management throughout childhood. But, this is to be expected with children. They simply lack the maturity, brain development, and personal experience to understand how to manage themselves in every situation in real life, let alone online.

With person-to-person interactions, students have Parents, Teachers, & other Educators  (we hope), who are helping to appropriately guide them throughout each day. However, when using social media and the internet, kids are often left to their own devices to navigate new worlds of Social Media. These new worlds are also ones that most parents and Teachers did not grow up with.

Despite the fact that students are required to be 13 years of age or older to use many of the Social Networking applications online, it can be alarming to realize that many of our younger students are already using them. Applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Minecraft have taken the internet by storm. These applications are not bad at all in and of themselves, and can be used in amazing ways, especially in our schools. However, as with anything, when used inappropriately or without guidance, it can cause a lot of problems with issues such as self-esteem or bullying. Online behaviours today may also come back to haunt students in the future.

We as Educators are implicitly, if not yet explicitly, thus faced with the new tasks of teaching students digital citizenship, digital literacy, and the tasks of educating our students, parents, and communities about how to manage the Online Presence. Click here to continue reading…

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VIDEO of the WEEK: Opportunities to Create are Everywhere!
The opportunities for creativity are everywhere…and sometimes in the most obvious places!

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April 29 – Grade 7 students to the Pacific Space Centre
April 30 – Hanging Basket/Plant Orders DUE
April 30 – Grade 6 Vaccinations
May 1 – Talent Show at 1:00 p.m.
May 2 – Grade 1 classes to Green Timbers Demonstration Forest
May 3 – Professional Development Day – Classes not in session
May 7 – PAC Meeting at 9:00 a.m.
May 9 – Primary SpeechFest – 1:00 p.m.
May 9 – Hanging Basket and Plant Pick up – 2:00 p.m.
May 10 – Class and Team Photos
May 14 – Provincial Election – Georges Vanier IS a Polling Station
May 17 – Divisions 1-5 to Centennial Beach
May 27 – Professional Development Day – Classes not in session
May 28 – Parent Tea at 9:00 a.m. ALL PARENTS WELCOME
June 3 – Divisions 1-3 to the Vancouver Art Gallery
June 4 – Divisions 3-5 to the Vancouver Art Gallery
June 4 – Divisions 19 and 22 to Vancouver Aquarium
June 4 – District Track Meet at Bear Creek Park
June 5 – Divisions 10, 11, 12 to Burnaby Village Museum
June 6 – Grade 7 Band Final Performance – 10:45 a.m.
June 8 – Vanier Carnival – 2-6 pm
June 10 – Grade 7 students to Cultus Lake Waterslides
June 14 – Sports Day – PAC Pizza Day
June 18 – Division 22 to Cartwheels Gymnastics
June 21 – Grade 7 Celebration – 9:00 a.m.
June 25 – Grade 7 Daycamp – Cultus Lake Group Campsite
June 27 – Year-End Assembly – 8:45 a.m.
June 27 – Early Dismissal at 1:27 p.m.
June 27 – Term 3 Reports Home
June 28 – Administration Day – Classes not in session
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