Vanier News – June 16, 2014

Principal’s Message,

Hello Parents.

First, I want to thank you SO much for the many kind words, well wishes, and kind gifts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Georges Vanier and consider us a family!

I will greatly miss you all, but know that you will extend the same warmth and generosity to our new principal, David Dekerf, who I know will do an excellent job.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share positive news regarding teacher job action. Negotiations have broken down and on Tuesday, June 17, teachers will engage in a FULL STRIKE meaning that classes will not be in session. Please listen to CKNW (AM-980) everyday for updates. I will also update the school website, VanierNews, and our Twitter account as information becomes available.

Photos and Videos

As promised, we are prepared to share links of year-end and Grade 7 photos and videos. A very special THANK YOU to the following for creating this special content:

  • Anna Crosland – Teacher Librarian
  • Hugh McDonald – Grade 6/7 Teacher
  • Johanna Hemenway – Vanier Parent

As you can appreciate, our goal is to share, but to also protect student privacy. If you are interested in receiving links to this media, please visit the school website, scroll to the newsletter section, enter you email, then respond to the email you receive. You will then receive links to newsletters and other related school information. YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE AT ANY TIME. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.05.06 PM

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