VanierNews Oct. 19 – 2014


  • PROFESSIONAL DAY – Friday, Oct. 24th

Community Information For Parents 

Please see the attached information sheet which highlights some excellent resources for parents and kids!

Community Information for Parents

News from the Learning Commons

Knights, Readers, Tweeters and Pre-Schoolers

Students in the Vanier Learning Commons have their own Twitter account. Follow us @VanierLC to see what we are up to. Here’s a little sample of what our students would like to share:
 Take a look at these great reading areas in the Vanier Learning Commons. It’s enough to make you want to snuggle up and read a book!
 This week we were pleased to host the Strong Start program for some fun activities with the pre-schoolers and their families. We read some stories, we counted, we sang and we shared puzzles on the iPads. Yahoo!


Be impressed! These Grade 1 and 2 students are learning to independently digitally show their learning. Students were able to locate apps, use in-app cameras to take a selfie, design a knights helmet (complete with the king’s colours), export to the camera roll and upload to Dropbox. Check out this video to see their great work.

Designing Knight’s Helmets from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.


Earthquake Drill

We’ll have our first Earthquake Drill of the year before recess on Monday.

Earthquake Policy and Procedures

  •  Stay under desks, away from windows – sit on floor with back against a wall, cover back of neck and head with your arms.
  •  Wait for shaking to stop (wait at least 60 seconds) – check yourself and others around you for injuries.
  •  Be alert to after shocks (they can be as strong, or stronger than initial shock).
  •  Decision to evacuate all or part of school should not be automatic – there may be more danger outside the building than inside. Beware of material falling from above (i.e. windows and material from overhead).
  •  Identify safe evacuation routes and safe assembly area (preplanning necessary).
  •  Signal staff and students to evacuate. DO NOT USE FIRE ALARM. Do not use elevators.
  •  Determine names, ages and possible locations of unaccounted for students/staff, including any students/staff waiting in secure areas of the school for assistance to be removed from the building.
  •  Ensure all power, fuel and water mains have been shut off – contact School District Maintenance Department if required. (You may wish to check with Terasen Gas, but if there is no gas leak, then leave gas on. It could take a long time to have a gas fitter restore service.)
  •  Check for possible fires, utility leaks, hazardous material spills and call emergency services (911) and provincial emergency response as necessary. 1-800-663-3456 (24 hours).
  •  Implement procedures for communication, safety glasses, face masks, hard hats, search and rescue, first aid, shelter, supervision, student/staff release, etc.
  •  Ensure staff/students remain away from buildings, overhead power lines, trees or other hazards that may fall while outside. An open field is a good location.
  •  Attempt to contact School District Board Office to relay your status.
  •  Await instructions from emergency officials over battery-operated or car radio where possible.
  •  Consider school plans for an extended stay with students and/or emergency evacuation to another site.
  •  Schools will remain open indefinitely until every child has been released to a parent/guardian or authorized person.
  •  Do not re-enter building until approval given by Director, Physical Plant & Transportation or designate. (Policy & Regulation 5208)

Traffic Safety

Please continue to follow all driving laws and parking signage around the school.  Families are asked to use the crosswalk on 142nd.  U-turns and parking are NOT permitted in front of the school.  Our two parking lots are for STAFF ONLY and are locked or blocked before and after school.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep student safety as our top priority.

Diwali Celebrations

We look forward to our Diwali assembly on Tuesday afternoon @ 1:15 p.m. and our staff luncheon on Wednesday!

Interim Reporting

Our first interim report will come home to families on Thursday in the form of a brief one page report which will highlight students’ progress in Literacy, Numeracy and Social Responsibility.

Professional Day on Friday, Oct. 24

No school for students on this day.  Staff will be on and off site engaged in professional development.



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