VanierNews Nov. 15 – 2014



Learning Commons News!

Even though we had a short week at school, lots of great activities happened in the Learning Commons. Some classes began to explore the Surrey School District eLibrary collection. There are some great titles available on-line.  1%20eLibrary-1Many students have already been given information to take home on how to access the books and we will continue this next week. Access is available through the school library catalogue.

Division 9 continued with their Non-Fiction projects with Mrs. Tracey and were able to upload pages that they created showing their learning about text features. Mrs. Tracey and I collaborated on this activity.  Some work was completed in class, some in the LC and them we worked all together to complete the project. Check out the student blogs at Division 9
Some students in Grades One and Two put on their ‘thinking caps’ this week. We shared and talked about the fairytale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and students problem-solved other ways Jack could have made it up to the castle in the clouds if he didn’t have any magic beans. So fire up your jet powered skateboard, jump into a portal or skydive from a plane. Here are some of their creative solutions:

Jack without a Beanstalk from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Professional Learning

Staff were learning more about Freshgrade during our ProD on Monday.  Many teachers look forward to regularly sharing samples of student learning and assessments throughout the term.


Volleyball THUNDER at Coyote Creek

The GV Thunder rolled at Coyote Creek this week with both boys and girls volleyball matches on Wednesday and Thursday. Boys volleyball player, Mohammed, said it was a great volleyball, great friends and good times.  Volleyball wraps up with our next two weeks of home games on Wednesday and Thursday at Georges Vanier.  Feel free to come out and watch the fun.


Due to the league rules, only eight players are able to go to the Playday tournaments from the 40+ boys and 40+ girls participating in weekly playdays.  Ms. Porpaczy and Ms. Friend will be doing a draw-seletion process and will post the Playday teams after next week’s games.  We have been so happy with the participation in volleyball so far.  Great work, Thunder!
The Orange Games

Twelve Georges Vanier students attended the Orange Games held at Panorama Ridge this Friday.   Students saw drama shows, magic tricks, played floor hockey, shot hoops, leapt through obstacle courses and learned some break dancing.  Thank you to all our amazing Educational Assistants who made this trip possible and all the students with their enthusiasm to learn at the event.  My favourite quote of the day of the day came from Theron who at lunch said, “There needs to be more dancing”–an there was.  I loved the freeze dancing to Shake It Off!

image-2Mrs. Porpaczy

Primary Teacher Collaboration Time

While teachers were collaboratively assessing primary writing samples, students in grades 1, 2 & 3 spent time with other staff in the gym, learning more about resolving conflict in peaceful ways and developing a strong personal identity.



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