Vanier News, June 19th, 2015


  • PHOTOS – Celebrations and Sports Day

“Let’s Celebrate…Vanier!”

We had our end of the year celebration assembly this week and what a celebration it was! Students, teachers, and staff where singing, dancing, and sharing the learning from this year and all the presentations were wonderful. We also said goodbye to some of our wonderful staff members who will be moving on to other schools next year.

Ms. Porpaczy (Vice Principal)

Mrs. Hopkins (Grade 3 Teacher)

Mrs. Silversides (Grade 3 Teacher)

Mrs. Hall (Grade 3 Teacher)

Ms. Postnikoff (Grade 1 Teacher)

Ms. Bryant (Kindergarten Teacher)

Ms. Henderson (Grade 6/7 Teacher)

Ms. Fei (French Teacher)

Ms. Seath (Grade 3 Teacher)

Ms. Findlay (LST Teacher)

Ms. Cloutier (Grade 4 Teacher)

Ms. Dhaliwal (Grade 4 Teacher)

Mr. Harrington (Grade 6/7 Teacher)

Ms. McLeod (Grade 4 Teacher)

Ms. Odell (Early Numeracy Teacher)

“Grade 7 Assembly” – Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Next Tuesday is our assembly to celebrate our Grade 7 students and get ready to send them off on their way to high school. This is a special assembly that honors all of the Grade 7 student’s hard work, their learning journey at Georges Vanier and highlights their favorite moments and memories. The baby photos are always a hit as well.

If you have given the office medications such as an Epipen, to store for your child, please pick them up on Thursday June 25.
Report Cards
Report cards will be coming home with students on the last day of classes, Thursday June 25. If your family is leaving on holiday before then we will store the report card until the fall.
Early Dismissal
A reminder that the last day of school is Thursday, June 25. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.
Learning Commons
Check out this video of some of the learning activities in the Vanier LC this year.

Celebration of @VanierLC #Makers from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Photo 2015-06-17, 10 56 46 AM Photo 2015-06-17, 10 56 40 AM Photo 2015-06-17, 10 01 43 AM Photo 2015-06-17, 9 55 53 AM Photo 2015-06-17, 9 33 19 AM Photo 2015-06-17, 9 11 48 AM
2015-06-12 11.10.37 2015-06-12 11.10.10 2015-06-12 10.33.56 2015-06-12 10.05.09 2015-06-12 10.04.48 2015-06-12 10.00.06 2015-06-12 09.57.16 2015-06-12 09.53.23 2015-06-12 09.46.51

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