VanierNews Aug. 2 – 2015

Summertime Sharing from Ms. Silversides

One day, a student came to me with an impassioned dream of having a dance club at her school. And because some dreams should come true, we began. It was the first time for all to dance in a structured group, and the girls worked together with a wonderful spirit of cooperation and creativity. They share their thoughts about dance and show off their learning in this short video. The song Stutter, by Marianas Trench was the sparkly favourite, and Good Feeling by Big Idol seems to capture the zest. Thanks for watching our video.

We hope that you are all enjoying a safe and happy summer!

The school office is open beginning the week of Aug. 31, each day from 9:00 – 3:00 for new student registration.  Welcome to Georges Vanier!

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