VanierNews March 11, 2016


Principal / Vice Principal’s Message

We hope that all of our students and families enjoy a safe and relaxing Spring Break and Easter holiday.  The school re-opens, Tuesday, March 29th.

Spring Break

Learning Commons

This week we shared our Vanier Community Pride. Students used CraftWorld App to create a video.

GEORGES VANIER COMMUNITY from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

We used ColourEffects App to show learning about the difference between a story Character and Setting. Students changed the book covers so that the setting is in greys and then traced the characters in colour.
 CdItSebUIAEnWi4 CdItSecVAAAm6Vc

We have also been focusing on Digital Citizenship and Selfies. Several classes contributed to a selfie instruction video with ideas for appropriate selfies. Before you post anything on line, including a selfie, T.H.I.N.K. – Is it Thoughtful and True, Helpful, Important, Necessary and Kind? Make sure your selfie respects yourself and others.

T.H.I.N.K. about Selfies from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Students have begun to tinker with a Stop Motion Video App. We try out new apps by figuring out the features and how the app works before we begin to create and show learning with the tool. You can check out a first tinker video on Twitter @crosland_a and don’t forget to follow us @georgesvanier36 #gvlearn

Time Change Today!


Pics From The Week

IMG_6430 IMG_6432 IMG_6435 IMG_6434

Thanks for attending our student led conferences!

IMG_6445 IMG_6447 IMG_6446

Kindergarten students colour eggs.

IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6457

Music students learn more about coding and Kandinsky.

Upcoming Dates

Mar. 11 - Grade 4&7 FSA books and letters sent home with students, and after
the break 
Mar. 14 - 24 - Spring Break
Mar. 25, 28 - Easter Holiday
Mar. 29 - school reopens after the break
Mar. 29 - School Spirit Wear sale begins
Apr. 11 - Scholastic Book Fair this week
Apr. 12 - Fine Arts performance, Canada For Kids, 1:00 p.m. - parents welcome!
Apr. 18 - new Professional Day, no school for students

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