VanierNews January 15 – 2017

Principal / Vice Principal’s Message

Week one of Dance In School was a big hit!  Students showed incredible growth and development of Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre dance skills throughout the week and then shared high energy performances on Friday afternoon.  Students and families who are involved in Week Two have lots of fun and active learning to look forward to.  We appreciate the PAC funds and family donations which help cover the cost of this special school program.

On Friday we closed the outdoor play spaces at recess and lunch times due to extreme cold, ice and unsafe conditions.  Student, staff and community safety is continuously monitored and always our highest priority.

  • The district supports individual and family decisions regarding safety. Student and staff safety are a priority of the school district. Parents/guardians have primary responsibility for their children’s safe travel to school and staff members also decide if local conditions may be unsafe. If, for any reason, there are personal concerns about the ability to travel safely to school, other arrangements should be made. It is understood some students travel to school on routes that may be challenging on a snow day; therefore, no student will be penalized for lack of attendance because of such conditions. While schools are likely to be kept open, the decision to attend is the responsibility of each family. Parents can phone or email the school to notify staff a student won’t be attending. Weather-related student absences will be excused.

Girl Power Donation

Congratulations to our Girl Power group for organizing a very successful bake sale and making a donation of $331.05 to Atira Women’s Resource Society.  Also, thanks to the many students who purchased treats and supported out Girl Power leaders.

Kindergarten Registration

  • Time to register for kindergarten

    Registration begins Jan. 16 for children entering kindergarten in September 2017.

    Children who turn five before Jan. 1, 2018 are eligible to start school in the fall.

    Kindergarten registration must be done in-person at your Kindergarten children 2.jpgneighbourhood school or school of preference (if space is available). For a map of school catchment boundaries, check here and for a list of all schools, check here.

    The following documents are required at the school when registering:

    * proof of birth date for the students (eg. birth certificate or passport)

    * proof of guardianship (eg. birth certificate or other legal documentation)

    * proof of citizenship (eg. birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, landed immigrant document, permanent resident card)

    * proof of address (eg. rental agreement, utility bill, driver’s license)

    Please note that enrolment at several schools in Surrey is already at, or over, capacity and they are therefore unable to accept out-of-catchment registrations.

    Specialty and choice programs are also available. Some (French Immersion, Intensive Fine Arts, Traditional and Montessori) require kindergarten online/lottery application, which begins Jan. 30. For more information on applying for the kindergarten choice lottery, check here.


January – February Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual province-wide assessment of British Columbia students’ academic skills in grades 4 and 7, and provides a snapshot of how well BC students are learning foundation skills in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy.

At Georges Vanier our Grade 4 & 7 students will begin assessments during the week of January 23.  Please contact Mr. Dekerf or Mr. Newbold with any questions.

For more information, please click here.

Pics From The Week

img_9793 img_9794

Dance in School Week One

Upcoming Dates

  • Jan. 16 – Dance In School Week 2 begins
  • Jan. 16 – Kindergarten registration begins
  • Jan. 20 – Dance in School performance, 1:40 p.m. in the gym
  • Jan. 23 – Grade 4&7 FSA assessments begin
  • Jan. 24 – Monthly Assembly
  • Jan. 31 – Ready Set Learn, 9:00 a.m. in gym
  • Feb. 2 – Axis Theatre Co. Performance, 1:15 – 2:15 p.m.
  • Feb. 3 – Wacky Hair Spirit Day
  • Feb. 6 – FSA Computer Testing begins this week
  • Feb. 13 – Family Day Holiday
  • Feb. 17 – NI Day – no school for students
  • Feb. 22 – Feb. Monthly Assembly
  • Mar. 10 – Last day before Spring Break
  • Mar. 13 – 24 – Spring Break
  • Mar. 27 – School reopens after break

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