VanierNews June 4 – 2017


  • 2017/2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR 
Principal / Vice Principal’s Message

A BIG thank you to PAC and your fundraising dollars that helped pay for our new ceiling mounted projector system!

This Friday is Sports Day! 

We encourage students to be dressed in their team colour. The teams are Black, Red, Blue and White. Each class has been assigned a colour on Monday.

Groups will be mixed with kindergarten to grade six students in each group. The grade seven students will be running the stations, as each teacher accompanies his or her group from event to event. Thank you to our grade seven leaders!

The station events will end at 11:43 a.m.

Students will eat lunch, in their classrooms, from 11:43 am until 12:05 pm. It is a PAC hot lunch day and those students who have pre-ordered will have their lunches delivered to the classrooms.

PAC will be running a concession with pizza, chips, drinks, and other treats for $1 or $2 per item.

In the afternoon, students will meet on the lower intermediate grass field for grade-group running races, house team events and a pre-school race.

Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather of the day. Hats, pre-applied sunscreen and water bottle will be important. Please have your child wear running shoes and not flip flops. There will be a freezie given to each child around recess time.

Family, friends, guardians, grandparents and pre-schoolers are all welcome to come and enjoy our GV Sports Day.

We look forward to Sports Day on Friday!

Learning Commons News

Some students in Grade 3 created their own I Spy pages. Students explored ‘I Spy’ books and arranged and photographed items. They cropped their photos and used PicCollage App to add clues. Other classes will try to find the items in the images and they were included in a school assembly video.  Click here to see more examples.

Pics from the Week 

Every student wore their I Am A Maker pin to the assembly. At Vanier we are Makers.

Division 1 presented their Friends of the Forest environmental projects. We enjoyed a video of students participating in ‘Yoga Rocks’, learned some interesting facts from Learning In Depth presentations from Ms. Tracey’s class and celebrated our Primary Stars.

Georges Vanier School Calendar 2017/18

Fidget Spinners

Some teachers in our school are asking students to not bring fidget spinners into class or school.  These devices may be distracting or dangerous.  If broken or stolen, the school will not repair or replace personal items brought to school.

StrongStart – June Calendar 

Upcoming Dates

  • June 8 – Bannock and Books, 2:30 – 4:00 in the Learning Commons
  • June 9 – Sports Day
  • June 15 – Primary Assembly, 9:00 a.m.
  • June 21 – Celebration Assembly, 9:00 a.m.
  • June 22 – Div. 1,2,3,4 Golden Ears FT
  • June 27 – Grade 7 Year Farewell Assembly, 9:00 a.m.
  • June 29 – Early Dismissal, 1:25, last day of classes

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