VanierNews – Parent Start Up Letter (from Superintendent of Surrey Schools)

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September 2017

Dear Elementary Parent / Guardian,

As you likely know, school districts in B.C. are beginning this school year under new rules regarding class
size and composition. We have been working diligently since the spring on how to have our schools in
Surrey open in the most seamless way possible. We know parents are eager to have their children
return to school, and we are eager to receive them. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the
impact of the changes and what it means to parents.

Part of our work through the spring and summer included adding dozens of portable classrooms to
accommodate the new requirements, doing several renovations to schools to prepare space and hiring
more than 300 teachers to ensure the new rules were implemented in time for the start of the school

Every day in the first week of school we count students, prepare for class organizations based on
enrolment changes that have emerged since June, and we work collaboratively with teachers to build
classes for the coming year. This process of having activities during the day, then counting in the
afternoon and reconsider class organizations with our teachers takes time and we work as quickly as we
can. All of us, including those of us with children in our schools, want to know which teachers will teach
which classes as soon as possible. I can assure you that teachers as well want to know exactly who they
will be teaching.

With the significant changes for this year, we will be following our same routines and will work as
quickly as possible to get your child settled. The purpose of this letter is to highlight the changes for
September and to let you know that we will be working as quickly as possible to get schools settled.
As always, if you need specific details about your school, your principal is the best contact as they have
the most recent information.

We look forward to a great year. More teachers brings more individual help and we look forward to
supporting your child’s learning this coming year.


Jordan Tinney
Superintendent of Schools/CEO

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