VanierNews Jan. 28 – Feb. 1, 2019

Principal / Vice Principal Message

One of our Grade 6/7 classes have been working on “Passion Projects”.  They choose a topic, researched and learned about that topic, and then created a way to show their learning.  Working models, dioramas, computer presentations and illustrations are some of the ways the students shared their learning.  Other intermediate classes had a chance to view the projects and talk about them.  Thank you Mr. O’Neil / Mr. Abraham’s class!

Examples of the passion project topics included: Wild Fires; Downs Syndrome and A Way to Feed Homeless Animals.

IMG_0087 Wild Fires PPIMG_0090 Down's Syndrome PPIMG_0188 Cat Dispenser PP


Buddy Bench

Ms. Buckton, our Aboriginal Youth Care Worker, is working on a project called a “Buddy Bench”.  There are a couple of benches outside in our undercover area that are often used by students, and a “buddy bench” is a place for students to sit if they want others to play with.   She is working with many students to gather their ideas on how they want the bench decorated. This picture is a sample of how many ideas are being submitted.  Thank you to all of the students who are currently working on this project.


Snowshoe Trip To Mt. Seymour

All of our Grade 6/7 students are participating in a snowshoe trip to Mt. Seymour.  Not only do they begin to learn how to snowshoe, but they also participate in outdoor activities such as building a shelter or learning about terrain and mountain conditions.  Our Grade 6 students travelled by bus to Mt. Seymour on a cold, sunny day and had a great time.  Here are some pictures from this trip.


Upcoming Dates

Feb. 15   Monthly Assembly / Student Recognition

Feb. 18   Family Day Holiday

Feb. 21   Georges Vanier 50th Anniversary Celebration

Celebration Assembly   10:30 – 11:30

Open House     2:30 – 4:00

Feb. 27    Pink Shirt Day