Vanier News Feb. 4 – 8, 2019

Principal / Vice Principal Message

We had a very busy week at Georges Vanier!  Many classes celebrated 100 days of learning, and as indicated on one of the pictures: “We Are 100 Days Smarter!”  Some primary students created individual capes decorated with 100 items including cereal, feathers, stickers, hearts and animals.  There was a parade of students throughout a few of our primary classrooms with special activities to recognize the event.

Helping Teacher Ms. Jen Barker Teaches Numeracy Lessons

Last month, many teachers attended a lunch session on implementing “Counting Collections” in their classrooms.  One of the Surrey School District’s helping teachers, Jen Barker, is now working alongside teachers in the classroom to demonstrate how these lessons can be used in teaching number sense, math operations, fractions and decimals.  Collections of objects, recording sheets, markers and various materials for sorting the collections are used.  Teachers and students are learning multiple applications of this concept and building their capacity for teaching and learning.