Vanier News March 11 – 15, 2019

Principal / Vice Principal Message

We are very excited to welcome Ms. Lianne McBride, the new principal who will be coming to Georges Vanier after spring break.  Ms. McBride visited the school on Thursday to meet the staff and students.  She felt very welcomed by everyone and is looking forward to being here as our permanent principal.

Although I have only been at Georges Vanier for a short time, I have become very attached to the school.  The students are hard working, care about their school and are eager to learn new things.  They are working hard at developing self regulation strategies such as calming, breathing techniques and fitness breaks to help them become more effective and engaged learners.  I have been impressed with the collaborative culture at Georges Vanier, where everyone works together to support student learning.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a dedicated, professional staff, as well as involved and helpful parents.  Thank you for your support this term.

I have especially appreciated the knowledge, expertise and work of Mr. Newbold.  He has been instrumental in my transition to Georges Vanier.  He is a true asset at the school.

Mrs. Carrie Burton

Tower Garden

Ms. Attle has taken the lead on a very special project at the school – a tower garden.  It is a “dirtless” garden that has a self watering structure and can hold over 20 plants.  The garden has just been planted with fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, mint and cucumber.  When the plants are fully grown, they will be harvested and used in the school’s food program and special classroom events.

Forest Walks

Many of our classes enjoy the natural space behind our school and integrate curricular learning with nature.  The kindergarten classes had buried pumpkins in the forest to observe what happens when things decompose.  Mrs. Murtsell, Ms. Milic and their students went on a forest walk this week and look what they saw!


Staff vs Boys Basketball

The basketball season wrapped up with a fun “staff vs boys” basketball game on Wednesday.  What an exciting game with the boys catching up in the last period.  Although the staff won the game, the boys played exceptionally well.  Spectators who watched contributed over $90 dollars toward the new school team jerseys.  Thank you for everyone who helped and participated in the game.


Buddy Bench Project

The final stages of the buddy bench project is underway.  A reporter from the Surrey Leader was at the school to takes pictures of the project and talk with the students who are involved.  The bench designs were created and painted by students.  Many thanks to Mrs. Buckton who has been working with our students on this special project.


Upcoming Dates

March 18 – 29          Spring Break

April 1                      School Opens

Have a restful and safe Spring Break!  Enjoy the time with your friends and family.


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