May 5th: Vanier News

Principal/Vice Principal Message:

It’s hard to believe that we are now in the month of May. We hope that you have enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend. Our teachers and administration team had a engaging day of learning on Friday, May 3rd. Teachers participated in different workshops of their choice and the admin team learned about ‘building a resilient mindset’.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that children are getting to bed at a reasonable time in order to be prepared for a full day of learning at school. It is staying lighter later now, and students are reminded to turn off the technology and rest their bodies in order to have ‘fuel’ for the next day. Thank you parents, for you continued support.

The month of May will be a busy one at Vanier. Many classes are going on field trips and parents are reminded to check over the permission forms for each trip to make sure that children are prepared for the day (food, clothing). Please note that our school’s panorama picture will be taken on May 30th.

We are looking forward to another great week of learning!

Mrs. McBride and Mr. Newbold

Freshgrade: How is my child doing?

Parents are encouraged to go onto their child’s Freshgrade portfolio to see evidence of learning. Parents are also encouraged to write a comment on the portfolio and to talk to their child about what they are doing in the classroom. Parents are invited to talk with the classroom teacher at any time about their child’s learning.

Friends of the Forest Program

As a part of Surrey’s  “Friends of the Forest” program, Vanier’s grade 6/7 students are participating in a project to remove invasive species from our community park – Hazelnut Meadows.
These 4 pictures show:
1) Himalayan blackberry plants as they dominate the indigenous species (before work)
2) Cleared ground that is ready for replanting (after work)
3) Division 1 students busy at work removing and bagging the footballs and branches of the target plant

Thank you to our older students for taking care of our environment. You are demonstrating great leadership skills.